A Qria é sinónimo de evolução.  No nosso percurso fomos acrescentando mais e mais valências à nossa experiência de 20 anos no mercado nacional
e internacional. Sempre de forma sólida, alicerçada numa equipa altamente qualificada e motivada, o que nos permite actuar em todas as áreas que apresentamos, com igual assertividade e eficácia. Estas valências permitem que, seja qual for o desafio que tenha para nos apresentar, as nossas soluções sejam, sempre, acima das suas expectativas.

Vamos consigo muito para além de grandes ideias.



Where it all begins. We think in the brand as a whole, from the visual, the feel it creates and the effect and strength we want it to have. All well thought, reasoned and ready for your new brand to go far beyond what you expect.


We transport your brand to the most diverse communication media. The ones you always imagined and the others you never dreamed about. We organize your communication in a consistent and visible way so it can go further and be unforgettable to your target audience.

Get ready to fly higher!


We take care of all your store projects. From interior architecture and functionality, to product availability and circulation within it. All technical and functional components are ensured in our projects. We have a strong 3D component that allows you check your space in the first project phases, so that you can watch your dream getting ready! While we produce and implement it, we follow closely all the steps so that your project enters the market as you always imagined it.

Much more than a store or a space, it’s a dream we make come true!


The area of showcase and showcase concept its in the genesis of Q’ria. We think of your storefronts globally so that they can be your biggest sales force. We plan your showcases around the country in an articulated and optimized way, thanks to our coordination and logistics experience.


Your stand is your brand ambassador. No matter where it is, it must communicate the full institutional strength of your brand and represent your product or service as effectively as possible. We idealize and implement your stand all over the world, always with professionalism and accuracy, so that in each stand your brand can project itself with strength.


We take your brand directly to where your costumers are. With the right actions, we make sure your audience will never forget your brand and you can get good sales results.

If you are looking to organize an event for your company, we also have a wide range of solutions, made specifically for your type of business or audience, that will stay in their memory for many long years.